The all new Cuta Copter EX-1 has been unleashed and this beast is the Ultimate Fishing Drone. The EX-1 comes in two models, the 4S which has a payload capacity of 2kg and the powerful 6S which can lift 2.5kg!

Cuta Copter the waterproof fishing drone pioneer invests huge resources and time developing the safest and toughest drones on the Planet. Rest assured your investment has never been so safe, reliable and fun.

CUTA COPTER EX-1 has an EXTENSIVE list of Safety features unmatched by any Fishing Drone on the market protecting your investment. Advanced Flight Modes and waterproofing never seen before on a waterproof fishing drone - It is a game changer and it will truly exceed your expectations.

Over 5 years of investment, research and development, and testing has resulted in an Extreme Fishing Drone that's build to last and survive extremely harsh conditions. Cuta Copter Australia works very closely with Cuta Copter South Africa to perfect - perfection, and there is not a fishing drone on the market that even comes close!

EX-1 4S

The Ultimate Waterproof Fishing Drone – No bull dust.

EX-1 6S

The all new EX-1 Waterproof Fishing Drone is the result of over 5 years of extensive research and development.

Multiple Safety Measures

Performance Controls

Advanced Flight Modes

Propulsion System




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